Block 19: The Encore


Block 19: The Encore
Location: Portland, OR (NW 9th & Overton)
Architect: Boora Architects
General Contractor: Andersen Construction
Subcontractor: Snyder Roofing

Completed in 2008, The Encore is a 16-story residential building in the Pearl District in Portland. Working under Andersen Construction, the 130,000 white limestone brick are custom designed by Boora Architects to provide a differing textural view of the building depending on which direction you are looking from. J&S also laid 13,000 structural brick on the staircases on the north side of the balcony, creating a base accent for the tower’s north frontage. J&S also laid 17,000 block in the basement parking garage, and subcontracted the spray-on air barrier installation to Snyder Roofing.